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There are a small number of rams still available for private sale.  Call Jason or contact us for more information

Supreme Short Wool Exhibit 2017 RNCAS

Supreme Champion 2014 Sydney Royal

The Timor Suffolk Stud (ASSBA registered flock F1488) was founded by Fred ELDERING in 1982.  Fred’s aim was to breed early maturing, easy doing suffolk that would perform under any conditions.  He resisted the temptation to put long skinny Amercian gentics into his sheep and maintained his breed aims right up until his death in 2006.  The Willow Park White Suffolk Stud (AWSA registered flock 573) originally founded in 2004 was converted in 2006 and so began the Timor White Suffolk Stud (AWSA registered flock 654).  In 2013 the Timor Australian White Stud was commenced (AWSBA registered flock 16) was added to the breeding program.

We continue follow the same breeding ethos Fred started way back in 1982.  Our aim is to breed early maturing, easy doing sheep.  Ewes are pregnancy scanned annually with empty ewes or those that do not raise a lamb being classed out.  We also don’t have time to put up with bad tempered animals so anything displaying undesirable temperament is also classed out.

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